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Making the Most of the Situation Feb 2021

Covid and the recent flooding has kept us off the water. The rise of the Trent caused additional problems. One of our Explorers was holed when the floodwater pushed it into a boat trailer hitch. The need to get that repaired also opened up the opportunity to get other wear and tear issues sorted while the boats were off the water. Those in need of some TLC were taken to Technique Composites in Ripley. It looks like rowing might be back as an organised outdoor sport by the end of March, so with this repair and the other work, we should be ready to go.  

Thank You Feb 2021

Some good news….

Devil’s Elbow Rowing Club has gratefully received a grant of £1,500 towards a New Womens Eight, to replace our old, very heavy and slightly broken one! The Grant was awarded in Dec 2020 By Erewash Voluntary Action CVs Small Grants Scheme. The Erewash Small Grant Scheme is funded by Derbyshire County Council Public Health, Derbyshire County Council Adult Care Services and Erewash Borough Council.  

The Erewash Small Grant Scheme has three priority themes. The priority themes include: 

  • Health Inequalities 
  • Community Wellness 
  • Building Resilience

The Grant also focuses on The 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. I’m sure all you rowers out there will agree that rowing certainly encompasses all of these!

We very much hope that with the purchase of a new 8 our women’s crew can expand, grow, thrive and perhaps even win?! 

Thank you Erewash

Off Off Rowing Feb 2021

Lockdown III continues and we now have flooding on the Trent to contend with. Water levels neared record highs and we will have to wait to see what damage has been done to the boat-house and the equipment stored outside. This is further complicated by Lockdown preventing the possibility of work parties as have been deployed before.  

Where and how they can, the Devils are land training and we should come back stronger and fitter, but might need a bit of time to get the boat skills back up and running. 


Lockdown III Jan 2021

All a bit familiar. Tier 3 saw access to the club limited to Derbyshire based members. That did at least allow some cobwebs to be blown away and  preparations made for some virtual time trial racing. Tier 4 made that harder and no sooner had we got our heads around it, we went into another national lockdown. When we can we will unwind the restrictions and the Covid-19 protocols on the dedicated website page will come back into effect for some time into the future.

Lockdown II Nov 2020

A last row before Lockdown kicked in on the 5th November. The clocks had changed and the Devils were getting used to rowing on the dark River Trent. Our Covid-19 page has been updated and we would hope to get out and about again – probably  following a similar expansion in activity as that used as we came out of the last Lockdown. All the equipment was scrubbed clean according to protocols and will come out again at a date unknown. See our Covid-19 Page here

Last Days of Summer Oct 2020

With the end of a burst of late summer heat, we are now heading properly into Autumn. Tuesday evening training sessions will soon be fully in the dark. This has its own advantages – no one else on the river and rowing along under the moon and stars, when the river is flat and your eyes have adjusted is a whole new way to see the countryside.

Four Up Aug 2020

Progress continues and we can now go out in fours and quads. Thankfully, we have quite a few coxless boats which further mitigates risk. A very rainy and thundery forecast turned out to be a nice, calm summer evening on the Trent.  Eights are still not allowed and it is a frustration that we still can’t yet run this year’s ‘Learn to Row’.

Atlantic Preparations Jun 2020

Founding member of Devils Elbow, Jooles Paillin, is featured in a detailed article in Canals Online. Her inspiration and preparations for the upcoming Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge to row across the Atlantic are covered in detail. See the article here

Slowly Back Onto The Water Jun 2020

The lockdown is slowly unwinding and following the guidance from British Rowing there is some access to small boats for individuals and household groups. Strict rules are in place for controlling numbers and for cleanliness but at long last rowing in good weather is again possible. As things progress further, more flexibility will be introduced. We have a specific Covid-19 page to cover these developments which can be seen here.
Staying in Touch May 2020
With no clear prospect of getting back on the River Trent, the Devils took part in a quiz over zoom. It’s much harder quizzing in one and twos rather than proper crews, but it got the competitive juices flowing and provided a chance to see some faces and get an update from Jim, our illustrious leader.  When we can get back to clubhouse and have our much delayed social evening the face to face quiz , without the IT challenges, will seem easier.  As to when that will happen – who knows.

Going Off The Grid Mar 2020

Following the advice from Government and British Rowing, the Devils will be staying off the water for the immediate future. We will back when it is appropriate and look forward to it.  That will also give us a chance to get this year’s ‘Learn to Row’ up and running – watch this space.
Postponed Until Further Notice

Learn to Row 2020 Announced Mar 2020

Our ‘Learn to Row’ for 2020 has now been arranged. It will start down at the clubhouse on Tuesday 7th April at 6:30pm and run for 5 weeks. The obligatory British Rowing capsize drill and swim test will be held on Saturday 18th April at 6:30pm. The course will culminate with a mini-regatta on Saturday 9th May. To book your space, use our contact form or email the club at  We look forward to seeing you and showing you our stretch of the River Trent. You can do so some pre-reading on our Learn to Row page here and our Novices Resources page here.

The Great Clean Up Feb 2020

Storms Ciara and Dennis have come and gone. River levels on the Trent reached  a 20 year high, cutting off the club and boat houses. Water levels finally dropped enough so that access was possible and the damage could be surveyed and repaired. All hands on deck for the great clean up. To see more click here.

World Famous in Sweden Feb 2020

Adam, one of the club members, recently moved to Sweden. He was erging in the gym in his Devil’s strip when the owner said he had just seen the Devil’s on Discovery Channel Sweden. DERC had helped out in the filming of the Channel 4 programme ‘Britain’s Viking Graveyard’ with the viking boat sequences filmed on our stretch of the Trent, reflecting the route inland taken by Viking settlers. DERC crew ‘saved the day’ and helped haul the viking craft out onto dry land at the Viking encampment. The programme can be seen here.
Website Upgrade Jan 2020
Technology marches on and the Devils Elbow Rowing Club has updated its website to work better across multiple devices and to hopefully provide richer content.
We hope it shows what we are about and provides resources for rowers on land and water. 
If you think you might want to join or even just find out more then contact us by clicking here.
Hosting the Army Jan 2020
Last week we hosted the Army Rowing Development Squad for their first winter training camp. 9 rowers, a launch driver and 2 Level 2 coaches later, here’s a look at what they got up to.
Army Rowing made good use of our equipment and launch and were a dream to host. We look forward to hosting them again in the future.  Special mention to Club Chairman Jim Hawkins, without Jim’s help and support the camp couldn’t have ahead. Thank you from everyone at Army Rowing. Our location on a great stretch of river, our facilities and being so near to the barracks at Chilwell worked well.

The Santa Row Dec 2019:

Postponed a week due to even more flooding along the Trent the Santa Row became an opportunity to burn off Christmas dinners and mince pies. A mixed crew had a rare outing in the Octuple scull and looked remarkably good despite the outside clothing. This good work was immediately undone with a fuddle in the club house. 

Newark Head Dec 2019:

The rain stopped, the river receded and the first head race of the Devil’s season actually took place. After a series of cancelled events on the Trent and the Soar it was a chance to see how all the land training had paid off. The men’s 8 crew also included two for which it was their first race. A sunny day, a good row, after a long, long row up to the start line and a race with the flow over the 5km course.

The Golden Crab Award Dec 2019

Charles Lester – For true grit and determination in the face of adversity (and laughter).
Charles couldn’t be at the AGM to collect his award in person and so it was presented, by surprise, at a school assembly soon afterwards. 

AGM  Nov 2019:

The Devil’s Elbow AGM was another casualty of the flooding on the Trent. Ever adaptable, the Devils found an alternative venue on dry land, in a pub. Reports were presented and prizes given. Our recreational captain Ed Sinfield was the master of Ceremonies and led the singing in his own style. The club is healthy and with plans to improve membership and sponsorship to cater for whatever the future might hold.

Rain Stops Play  Nov 2019:

The definition of frustration is not being to take part in your water sport because of too much water! Up and down the length of the river, the Trent has has spread up and out. Although the clubhouse and boat house were fine on their stilts, there was no safe way to get to them or get the boats out. The flow on the river, and working out where the river proper should be, called a halt to water based training. The squads reverted to land training in gyms and homes around the three counties.

Stourport Regatta Jun 2019

The devils had a busy time at the Stourport Regatta, one of the few to go ahead this year, although they weren’t to know that then. Close races and windblown adventurous journeys into the reeds were the order of the day. A good mix of boats with strength in depth against a variety of opposition.

A Successful ‘Learn to Row’ May 2019

The annual ‘Learn to Row’ course has been completed with many participants moving on to join the club proper and continue their rowing odyssey.  For most this is a move into recreational rowing, doing more work in the Explorer boats to build up experience and confidence. Some will then use this to progress into the ‘fine boats’ of the senior squads to keep up the supply of crew for future events.  The inclusive nature of the club also means that some will keep a foot in both camps to help balance numbers and make up crews.