The Farewell to Welbeck Regatta June 2021

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College has shared the facilities at the Devil’s Elbow since we started – indeed a number of our boats are theirs. After a long history, Welbeck is closing for good. Their remaining upper sixth have still rowed and trained hard, but with Covid have had no events with which to test themselves. To mark the the ending of the relationship we set up mini regatta between the two clubs, a home fixture for both, with a variety of races and multiple opportunities for all the rowers followed by a barbecue overlooking the river. The weather held and some intense and frenetic racing was had by all.

Welbeck and Devil’s Elbow –  A message from our Chairman

Thank you everyone for coming to our farewell regatta for Welbeck College and for making the event such a success. And thank you to everyone that helped in the planning and to those helping out on the day.

Sadly this event was also our farewell to Welbeck college who will be closing their doors after 68 years.

For those of us who don’t know, Welbeck College Rowing Club has played a huge role at Devil’s Elbow. When our club formed, nearly 10 years ago, we were starting from scratch. We had very few boats, only a handful of members and no money or income. When they joined us in 2012 they brought with them all those things we were desperately short of. Their boats, equipment and income have been so important to us in our formative years and still are to this day. But perhaps more important than that, they brought eager and enthusiastic young members into our club, who have been a joy to work with. 

I would just like to say thank you to Welbeck College and say a very special thank you to Boris Morgan, Welbeck’s Rowing Master, who set up their club many years ago and has continued to run it with dedication and enthusiasm ever since.

Jim Hawkins- Chairman, Devil’s Elbow Rowing Club

Clearing up after our local geese.
The cunning plan
Team Welbeck arrive - weighed down with hydration.



Founding Devil - Jooles
Devil's Chairman - Jim
Founding Devil - Neil

Open and Mixed Eights

Tea and Medals