News 2019

The Santa Row Dec 2019:

Postponed a week due to even more flooding along the Trent the Santa Row became an opportunity to burn off Christmas dinners and mince pies. A mixed crew had a rare outing in the Octuple scull and looked remarkably good despite the outside clothing. This good work was immediately undone with a fuddle in the club house. 

Newark Head Dec 2019:

The rain stopped, the river receded and the first head race of the Devil’s season actually took place. After a series of cancelled events on the Trent and the Soar it was a chance to see how all the land training had paid off. The men’s 8 crew also included two for which it was their first race. A sunny day, a good row, after a long, long row up to the start line and a race with the flow over the 5km course.

The Golden Crab Award Dec 2019

Charles Lester – For true grit and determination in the face of adversity (and laughter).
Charles couldn’t be at the AGM to collect his award in person and so it was presented, by surprise, at a school assembly soon afterwards. 

AGM  Nov 2019:

The Devil’s Elbow AGM was another casualty of the flooding on the Trent. Ever adaptable, the Devils found an alternative venue on dry land, in a pub. Reports were presented and prizes given. Our recreational captain Ed Sinfield was the master of Ceremonies and led the singing in his own style. The club is healthy and with plans to improve membership and sponsorship to cater for whatever the future might hold.

Rain Stops Play  Nov 2019:

The definition of frustration is not being to take part in your water sport because of too much water! Up and down the length of the river, the Trent has has spread up and out. Although the clubhouse and boat house were fine on their stilts, there was no safe way to get to them or get the boats out. The flow on the river, and working out where the river proper should be, called a halt to water based training. The squads reverted to land training in gyms and homes around the three counties.

Stourport Regatta Jun 2019

The devils had a busy time at the Stourport Regatta, one of the few to go ahead this year, although they weren’t to know that then. Close races and windblown adventurous journeys into the reeds were the order of the day. A good mix of boats with strength in depth against a variety of opposition.

A Successful ‘Learn to Row’ May 2019

The annual ‘Learn to Row’ course has been completed with many participants moving on to join the club proper and continue their rowing odyssey.  For most this is a move into recreational rowing, doing more work in the Explorer boats to build up experience and confidence. Some will then use this to progress into the ‘fine boats’ of the senior squads to keep up the supply of crew for future events.  The inclusive nature of the club also means that some will keep a foot in both camps to help balance numbers and make up crews.