How to Get to the Clubhouse

The Devil’s Elbow Rowing Club is co-located with the Trent Valley Sailing Club on an island in the Trent. We are separated from the ‘mainland’ by the Cranfleet Cut.  

There are two ways to reach the club. As a pedestrian from the car park at Trent Lock or by driving around via Meadow Lane and Trent Lane. (Some club members do arrive by canoe but this is a more specialist option).

On foot from Trent Lock:

There is ample parking at Trent Lock in two car parks. Trent Lock is at the end of Lock Lane and you can use the postcode NG20 2FY for Satnavs.
Leave the car park and walk down towards the river , there is a choice of two bridges that cross the end of the Erewash Canal and then head along the towpath until you are opposite the club.
From there the paddle and club member operated ferry will take you across to the club. If all goes well they will give you a lift back later on.  When there is no one to paddle the ferry then a scenic walk is available to you…

When the ferry is not running, it is possible to walk around to the club using the same bridge as vehicles. 

It take a little while but can be considered to be part of a pre-rowing warm up.

By road along Trent Lane:

The road route to the club is via Meadow Lane, across the railway line and immediately right onto Trent Lane. There are small signs for TVSC (Trent Valley Sailing Club).  Having swung left in front of the farm, you will reach the bridge across the Cranfleet Cut. This has a gate which must be shut behind you. Follow the track under the railway bridge and across the field to the club. 
Note: In the summer this is a pleasant drive and you can follow the growth of the lambs week by week. In the winter judgement is required. The field to the rear of the club floods easily and can be left very soft. There are no suitable vehicles to hand with which to extricate the stranded.