Our Rowing Squads

Senior Men
With new blood coming in via the Learn to Row programme, moving across from recreational rowing and from other clubs the men’s squad is a busy place to be. The long summer evenings are fun, but you will also find them out on the Trent in the dark and cold of winter putting in the miles to always get that bit better and meld working crews from a collection of strong individuals with a whole variety of sporting backgrounds.
Senior Women
The women’s squad cover the skills and experience to race the full range range of boats and come together with specific programmes to target individual races, whether it be Women’s Head of the River on the Thames or smaller, local regattas. They too have welcomed returning rowers and benefited from the Learn to Row programme.
The juniors is an area that the club and current junior squad would love to expand showing that is accessible to all those 14-17 year old and not an elitist pursuit. If you want to try something different then let us know and come on down.  
The recreational squad is often the first stop for those who have completed the Learn to Row. They tend to use the Explorer boats in which they learned, but as experience builds up they get to try other boats. Some, with a taste for racing move on into the squads but many are happy to enjoy their rowing, the countryside and exercise without this additional pressure and this is just as important to the health of the club as pots from races.
There is not a specific squad for touring and exploring. Members from across the club come together for adventures at home and abroad. The image to the left is the Vogalonga regatta, held in Venice and the Devils are there in the centre of this fleet. A regular foray is the Great Tyne Row – colder and wetter than Venice but just as rewarding to the survivors. Individuals can put forward cunning plans for events and those of a like mind can head off with the club’s support.