On the ‘Boat Race’ Course – Mar 2022

Saturday 27th March saw the men’s squad assemble at Putney Town Rowing Club to take part in the Vesta Veterans Head Race over the famous ‘Boat Race’ course. Rather than two boats, this involved over a hundred, all 8s, 4s and quads setting off at intervals to do their best on the Thames Tideway. For many of the clubs this was basically their home water with the experience that comes with it.  We, as the country cousins were there to work hard and beat our self imposed target based on previous, pre-covid, performances. The story in pictures can be seen below.

Trailer Envy: The might of the Molesey Rowing Club and their understated trailer next to ours. We are more exclusive - that trailer wouldn't get over the bridge to our clubhouse.:
The Devil's Elbow boat assembly and occasional rowing team in action.
Carb loading and strategy at Putney Town's welcoming clubhouse.
Cox Jeremy's briefing: "This is the Thames - we start here and finish here - work hard".
Queuing on some impressive steps.
A scene being repeated all along the racecourse - so many boats!
And the boats keep on coming from clubs along the course.
Overhead and in we go.
Hanging around in the marshalling area - time to get heads in the boat. Check everything just one more time.
Let the racing commence - 4.2 miles to go.
Hammersmith Bridge - a bit more than halfway. Keeping it all together.
And we are finished - ahead of our schedule. We have to get turned and out of the way before we can take a breather - there are boats arriving all the time.
Pointing back up the river and out of the way - time to look around at last. A slow moving queue of tired rowers.
As we recover back to the start the racing goes on - there are some closely fought battles going on.
We made it - Our heroic support team are there to help out.
Time to try this standing and walking thing.
Overhead and up the stairs - the river has dropped a lot since we set off.
Super keen and back on the Ergs - just maybe the wrong way around.