Covid-19 Guidance for Club Members

Coronavirus Update – 19th July 2021

The 19th of July sees the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. It is hoped that things will stay that way but no one can guarantee that this will remain the case. This page will stay live as a guide that will hopefully not be needed. If it is the information will be here waiting.

Coronavirus Update – 5th November 2020

Under the guidance of British Rowing, all activity by club members is to stop. This includes access to the facilities or use of the equipment for personal exercise.

This will change at some point and may follow a similar pattern of increasing access as used as we came out of the last lockdown. At this time, the clubs previous coronavirus rules (shown below) may come into play. They will be updated as required at the appropriate time.

Coronavirus Update – 28th May 2020
As we take up rowing again at the club, the guiding principles will always be the safety of our members, of TVSC members, of our stewards and of the general public.
We are guided by the latest Government and British Rowing Advice and we will continually review and revise our rules and procedures at the club as this advice changes. Please check our website for the latest updates before you come to the club.
We hope everyone at Devil’s Elbow will be thinking safety first and not only abide by the letter of all the rules but also the intention behind the rules. The better we are at doing this the sooner rowing will return to normal.
Devil’s Elbow Coronavirus Rules – Up to 5th Nov 2020
The current Government rules include small changes to the personal exercise rules which now allow rowers to collect and share equipment from our club as long as appropriate Coronavirus safety measures are in place. We are not allowed to engage in any club activity. Clubs are only allowed to make arrangements for members to collect equipment in order that they may further their personal exercise. The following Club rules allow us to do this:
The following rules are written with Social Distancing and Hygiene as the key concerns. Social Distancing and Hygiene are the key elements in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Please keep these two principles in in the forefront of your mind when visiting the club.
1) Access to the Club
 – By land or private boat only
 – No access by ferryboat
2a) Hours of Opening (restrictions apply- see below)
 – Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
 – 8am to 8pm (all days)
2b) Hours of Opening- restrictions
 – We are restricting access to the club to 8 members per hour for boating (i.e. collecting equipment and getting on the water). This is in order to help maintain social distancing.
 – Please book your boating time slot, and your boat, using our google spreadsheet. Details will be sent by email. Booking 24 hours in advance. 
 – There are no time slots coming off the water but social distancing rules will apply. (See below)
3) Who can come down
 – Open to all club members for the sole purpose of collecting equipment for personal exercise
 – Junior members must be accompanied by a parent. The parent has sole responsibility for safety of the junior on and off the water. Our rowing is not a club activity and we cannot provide our usual Junior support. We are very sorry about this.
 – Personal Coaching – A member may also come down to provide 1:1 personal coaching. Social Distancing rules apply.
4) Club Facilities – what’s open
 – Boat shed – to collect and return equipment only
 – Toilets – Devil’s men and women will share the ladies toilet- one in/one out (marked by a bucket by the door). Toilets are not to be used as a changing room. Showers are for emergency use only.
 – No other facilities will be open – The men’s toilets, the men’s changing room and upstairs will all be closed
 – Access and Security – New club access and security measures will be sent by email. There will be no need to enter the clubhouse
5) Boats and Equipment- what’s available for you to use
 – Singles – everyone (remember, no singles on the water alone!)
 – Doubles – household only
 – Recreational Doubles – household only. You must be able to rig and boat on your own. The club is currently working to make this easier.  
 – You must be competent in the boat you are rowing. You shouldn’t row a boat if you think you may need assistance which would break the social distancing rules. This would put others at risk. If in doubt, speak to Jim.
 – Reminder- Safety is your own responsibility. The current rowing arrangements are not a club activity. There is no safety cover.
 – Ergos – two Ergos are being made available. These must be taken outside the boat shed to a designated location away from each other and from other members accessing the facility. (see attached map)
6) Social Distancing
 Social distancing is one of two key elements in stopping the spread of COVID-19 (the other is Hygiene). Rules by themselves are inadequate. We are depending on our members to be constantly alert and responsible. 
 On the water
 – It’s your responsibility – When you are on the water, away from the club, you are taking personal. It is your responsibility to make sure you abide by the applicable social distancing rules. Our view is, you will be naturally distanced from other boats, while rowing, and your closest encounters are deemed to be much less risky than passing a jogger in the park. No specific distancing rules will be enforced by the club. But members are requested to use safe practice and common sense.
 – Crew boats can only be rowed by members of the same household.
 – Landing stage – Maximum 2 boats at a time but ideally wait for the stage to be free of all boats. Check that there will be somewhere to move your boat before coming into the landing stage. There a fixed set of trestles by the landing stage that should be used as a a “staging” point.
 Off the water
 – Maximum 8 members allowed to arrive at the club per each one hour boating slot (see Hours of Opening- restrictions).
 – Wait your turn- If others are there, wait your turn in an orderly, social distanced, manner
 – Boat Shed – Maximum 2 members in the boat shed at one time
 – Trestles are already fixed outside the boat shed. Use these trestles. There are two sets along side the boat shed and one set by the landing stage.
 – Landing Stage – Maximum 2 boats on the landing stage at one time
 – Non-household members to maintain 2 metre distance at all times
 – Be quick – get your equipment out of the boat shed and get on the water.
7) Hygiene and Cleaning
 Hygiene (together with social distancing) is the key element in stopping the spread of this virus. Please, err on the side of safety. This is a time when being obsessive is a good thing. You’re not just protecting yourself, you are protecting others.
 Please bring your own gloves. “Marigold” or gardening gloves will do fine.
 – Farm gate at the bridge – please use gloves.
 – Pedestrian gate at the club – please use hand sanitiser by the gate before entering (kindly provided by TVSC)
 – Boat shed doors – Use your gloves both for the handle on the access door and for the chain on the rolling door.
 – Boats and Blades – wash thoroughly and completely, with soapy water, after use. Make sure you wash seats and riggers. Washing up liquid is provided at the tap. Please use it.
 – Use the tap by the Cadet’s building only (see below). And use your gloves for the tap.
 – Bring your own clean towels for drying hands and boats (to be taken home and washed).
 – General – Plenty of washing with soapy water and the use of gloves, when appropriate, are our main stays of hygiene but sanitising wipes are also available for use.
Wash your hands! Wash your hands!

Supporting Information for Illustration Purposes

Revised Layout of the Site
Ergo Storage and Use
Ergo numbers 1 & 2 have been dedicated for use during this phase. They are stored at the far end  of the boathouse by the ladders. When replacing after use please keep them clear of the stairs and the access to the fire escape. Do not use any other ergs – they have been stowed out of the way.
The area designated for use of the ergos is opposite the ramp from the boathouse. If two are being used at the same time, please set them up at least 2m apart. We are looking at improved methods for moving the ergos up and down the ramp grating. At the moment please lift up and down the ramp, splitting them if you have to.
Access and Stowage from the Boathouse

The ergos, forklift and larger boats have been stowed to maximise usable space. This space has been used to set the racks for the singles and doubles at an angle and further apart than normal. This is enough to provide access to these boats without having to move the racks themselves.  Please be aware that there are lifting arms hanging on the rear wall by the ladders that can be used by two people to lift and replace these lightweight boats on the high parts of the racks.


To minimise handling and avoid the complexity of cleaning, fixed trestles have been put in place.  Two sets of trestles have been fixed on the cut side of the boathouse. Another single set has been fixed in place on the grass above the landing stage. This will be available as a buffer if the landing stage is occupied by more than two boats or if both trestle sets by the boathouse are not clear for use.

Cleaning Equipment and Water

Cleaning Materials:  There are 4 buckets. One is for storing the cleaning materials. Please return them to this bucket when you have finished with them. Each of the other 3  buckets contain 2 sponges and 2 easy dry cloths for cleaning the boats, seats, riggers and blades. Please ensure that the buckets are completely empty of water and the sponges and cloths are wrung out and returned to the buckets read for the next user. There is a ready bottle of detergent for your use,  on the chair next to the tap.